‘ It’s working, that thing that I’ve been doing

I thought he could not help me cause i was scam by many but i also choose to give him a chance to prove his powers, he told me that my ex boyfriend will call me after 48hrs and i really wait for the day he will cast the spell, i was so suprise when my ex called me after 48hr and ask for forgivenss, i will say that Dr Aigbo is the best spell caster that anyone can boldly contact without any fear cause i have put him to test and he really prove to me that he is not a scam by bringing my ex back to me. Com with the help of this man all your problems will be over and your sorrow shall be turn to just just the way i am now. Com.

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A report in a November 2005 issue of the Journal of Obstetric

“There a theory that it could have been something to do with an affair husband or wife. The fact of the matter is we don have any really solid proof of an affair with either of them. We have sightings of certain people together at certain times around Cincinnati, but it just a little piece of evidence.

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